Wika Waka

If you could have anything in the whole wide world, what would you choose? A big, fast, shiny new car? A new dress for your best dolly? A cheese sandwich? Or even, a chocolate water pistol? Well, if you asked Wika Waka that question he would say, "I'd like a BIG pair of training shoes with flashes and stripes which go WIKA WAKA WIKA WAKA WIKA WAKA when you walk in them, with a secret button that makes them go faster if you push it."  And do you know? That's exactly what he asked for on his birthday


If you're a ‘clever clogs,’ and think you know everything in the whole wide world, well, I've got a surprise for you. You don't! You probably think that anyone with a name like‘Monkeyman,’ would have to be a monkey, or a man, or both! Monkeyman of course, is neither. She is a very clever, pixie-faced little girl, who always does her homework and doesn't look anything like a monkey actually. So there! Clever clogs. She has beautiful long plaits, a little turned up nose and a big flippy, floppy, fluffy hat, with a wide brim. And the biggest, prettiest, blue eyes you’ve ever seen. She's never silly or naughty, and she always says thank-you. So, what do you think about that clever clogs?


'Squinkle' is a silly name, everyone knows that, and 'Squinkle' is an even sillier boy... Everyone knows that too, unless you're as silly as he is (which I seriously doubt). He doesn't know many things and he certainly can't blow bubbles or tie his shoelaces. If you asked him which way was 'up', he would have to lie down, because his brain would start to ache from such a difficult question. Poor Squinkle! He can't help it. He’s just silly! He wears big thick glasses like magnifying glasses. In fact they actually might be magnifying glasses! He has black, flat, greasy hair with a center parting and a thin, white face. But there's something else you should know about him. He's the most loyal friend anyone could have.


If Timmy-Trolley-Bus were a new boy at your school, you would probably invite him to join in a game of football or kiss chase and, because you're a nice person, you might even invite him home for tea to play with your toys. OH! What a mistake that would be! He would kick the football over the fence and laugh.  Spit in all the girls' ears, and laugh some more, and then break your favorite toy into a hundred pieces just to see if it made you cry. And if by chance it did, he would say, “You did that, I'm telling!!!!!!!!!!!!!"